Life Psychics Review

Life Psychics is a network that literally tries to match you with a psychic for life. It’s an odd strategy since many psychics specialize in just one or two areas of life: one may be better with career questions while another is better with love and romance. In the end, however, it might not matter much what their strategy is as there were plenty of “red flags” about Life Psychics that should scare away most discerning consumers.

Types of Readings

Life Psychics offers a standard array of readings: love, astrology, numerology, spiritual and dream analysis. There are some questionable categories here, however. What is a “religion” reading, anyway? “Therapy and counseling” seems a little odd, too: every psychic offers counseling to some degree, but shouldn’t “therapy” be left to trained therapists?

Screening Process

It’s uncertain whether there even is a screening process. Extension numbers started in the 4 digit range before making it well into the 5 digit range. That means there’s way more psychics on this network than there should be. The psychic profiles were a mess. Many were marked by stock photos of doves, hearts, swans, and vaguely mystical hands—but no faces. Most of the profiles also were written in very bad English. Some were even written in all caps, which is a major internet no-no. Perhaps the most alarming red flag hinting at a deficiency in screening was the message on the site, prominently displayed, that none of the psychics were even employed by Life Psychics, indicating that nearly anyone who wants to can simply come over to this site and hang out their particular shingle.

Impression of Website

The site’s Adsense header strikes me as an awfully bad sign: it takes up nearly half of the page as if the Adsense ads leading to other psychics, and not the psychics on the Life Psychic network itself, are the primary source of this network’s income. The pigeon English is another bad sign, making me wonder if I’m not staring at some sort of spammer’s site out of some other country with lax laws. The banner at the top of the sight invites me to “Get Amazing Reading,” which is just downright illiterate. Nothing about this site inspires any confidence whatsoever.

Price and Special Offers

I saw prices as low as $1.00 per minute and as high as $11.11 per minute (and what a marketing ploy that was). There was simply no consistency. The site does offer 10 minutes for $10 if you click the banner fast enough: the countdown clock beneath the offer gives you exactly ten minutes to decide if you want this offer. Yet since there were psychics offering readings for $1.00 per minute already it was unclear how this was supposed to represent a bargain. This kind of high-pressure sales culture is rarely good for the customer and was yet another indication that it was time to steer clear.


Everything about this network inspires me to run away. You can even find several psychics running popular scams such as “love spells” right near the top of the list of psychics! My advice is to seek out a network that is going to be more trustworthy and to avoid this one at all costs.